Filling machines & equipment


Coster is the world’s only supplier of both aerosol valves and filling machinery.
With 45 years experience in the design and manufacture of machines,
Coster is a world leader in the provision of equipment to pharmaceutical, household, technical products, perfumery and cosmetics industries.

The Coster Machinery Division offers innovative services and products designed to
fulfil customers’ most demanding quality and performance expectations.

Production includes:
• Semi-automatic machines and laboratory equipment
• Automatic filling lines (from 10 to 250 cpm), suitable both for Bag-On-Valve
and standard aerosol valves
• Cap, seal, actuator inserting machines
• Can pressure / leak testing machines
• Pharma machines, AISI 316L execution
• MDI filling machines
• Safety gas filling room
All machines, manufactured and tested using HFA 134A as standard, are 100%
suitable for all current aerosol propellants.

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