Soap bottles + pumps

We can offer an interesting range of bottles and pumps for soap products and lotions. Below you can see a part of this range. Contact us if you need more information.

P-41  (1L) PETP-20 (0,5L) PET P-28 (0,5L) PETP-29 (0,5L) PETP-30 (0,5L) PETP-35 (0,5L) PETP-43 (0,5L) PETP-55 (0,33L) PETP-57 (0,5L) PET Credo 200Credo 250Credo 300Atu 300 mlMaja  400 24/410Maja  400 28/410Magnus 350 Luna 275 Lama 200 ml Maxima 500
Inspiration pictures